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Parasailing boats unveil in hainan, China


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Parasailing boats unveil in hainan, China

2024-03-08 09:38:36

Paragliding tourism activities are very popular in tourist destinations such as Thailand, the Maldives, and China. Currently, our newly designed parasailing boat is being used in Hainan to provide an exceptional experience to many tourists. The parasail ride offered by this boat offers an unparalleled thrill and excitement, providing visitors with a memorable experience.

This boat adopts the round bilge break angle line type, which significantly reduces the resistance to navigation and wave resistance, and improves the comfort of passengers in wind and waves. At the same time, the design of double-folded corners on the sides gives the boat better stability, and which can effectively block the spray on the bow during high-speed navigation, reducing the impact of waves on the bow when the ship is cruising at high speed. The layout of this boat is reasonable, with practical seating arrangements for passengers and an open view. The spacious stern deck provides ample space for passengers to board and disembark, or to enter the parasailing leisure area. This design ensures both comfort and convenience for the users. Due to the high-risk nature of parasailing, safety features are paramount in the design of AMADA’s parasailing boats. The boat is equipped with various lifesaving devices such as lifebuoys with rescue lines, adult and child life jackets, handheld flare signals, portable dry powder fire extinguishers, and inflatable life rafts for emergency situations. These safety measures are designed to provide additional peace of mind and ensure the safety of all passengers during their parasailing adventure.

During the acceleration process of the boat, tourists will be lifted into the air due to air resistance, reaching a height of about 20M. The paraglider opens up in the air, dips into the water once or twice, and then the boat accelerates suddenly to its maximum speed to provide tourists with a more enjoyable and thrilling experience.

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