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Patrol Craft 1300d Police


The vessel appears generous, practical, with innovative modeling. It can be used in coastal water area, and mainly responsible for the operational purpose for which it is intended, maritime law enforcement, sea safety policing, search and rescue operations and other maritime emergency response and security duties as required. 

Key features

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    This vessel adopts deep V catamaran glider with high seakeeping, powered by two diesel engines with water jets as propulsion system. The vessel is welded aluminum with single bottom; single continues deck. 

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    The area of the deck and cabins is highly utilized, which provides a good platform for rescue jobs.

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     The special variable angle design of this vessel improves gliding efficiency and reduces motion response in the waves, thus providing a stable working environment for the crew.


Each side hull under the main deck is divided into four parts by three bulkheads: the forepeak, bathroom or generator room, void tank, and engine room. The fuel oil tank is placed on the bottom of each void tank. The bilge tank and fresh water tank are placed on the bottom of the bathroom. A longitudinal bulkhead is provided in the middle of the cross structure. The wheelhouse is located in the middle of the main deck. The hatch covers are fitted in the wheelhouse and lead to the tank beneath the wheelhouse. There are wide passageways on both sides of the wheelhouse, which connect the fore and aft decks. And there is a rescue platform with a liferaft in the stern.

1300d (Stingray II) Marine Police Patrol Craft (3)ap7


Key Figures

  • Hull


    Length Overall

    13.774 m

    Breadth Overall

      4.742 m

    Molded Depth

      1.720 m


      0.592 m

    Hull Type

     Deep V Catamaran



  • Propulsion


    Main Engine

    Volvo D8-600/2x441kw



  • Capacities



     6 P

    Fuel Oil

     1429 L

    Fresh Water

     100 L

  • Performances


    Max Speed

    37 kn



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