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Workboat 3820 Aluminum


The vessel's design exemplifies the perfect harmony between practicality and aesthetics. It is primarily designed for coastal waters, mainly undertaking tasks such as receptions and transportation.

Key features

  • Preferred supplier Preferred supplier

    The vessel adopts a mature and advanced mono-hull deep-V design. 

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    The vessel has excellent stability. Wind resistance and heave, longitudinal and transverse, and other indicators are obviously better than similar vessels, especially the wide stern and variable angle design. 

  • Warranty Guaranteed Warranty Guaranteed

    The layout offers a wide field of view and efficient cabin utilization.


The hull is divided into six watertight compartments, with cabins arranged from bow to stern: forepeak, chess and card room, leisure cabin (with an attached bathroom), double-occupancy crew cabins (each with an attached bathroom), gyro compartment, control room, engine room, and steering compartment. Fuel tanks are located under the double-occupancy crew cabins and on both sides of the gyro compartment, while fresh and wastewater tanks are positioned beneath the leisure cabin.
On the main deck, there is a VIP lounge (with an attached bathroom), a crew duty room, a second passageway, a temporary rest room, a kitchenette on the left, a bar on the right, a first passageway, a living room/meeting room, and two bathrooms. On the aft deck, a passageway to the second deck is located on the left side, while a CO2 fire extinguishing station is situated on the right.
The second deck features a bridge, a third passageway with two bathrooms, a living room, and a staircase with a circular passageway in the mid-to-rear left section.
The third deck is a spacious observation deck with a mast situated in the center, offering a panoramic view of the surroundings.  

3820(Lyre) Qingdao Workboat (1)ob5
3820(Lyre) Qingdao Workboat (2)y4o
3820(Lyre) Qingdao Workboat (3)iwp


Key Figures

  • Hull


    Length Overall

    38.200 m

    Breadth Overall

      7.540 m

    Molded Depth

      3.385 m


      1.239 m

    Hull Type

     Deep V Glider



  • Propulsion


    Main Engine

    MTU16V4000M73/ 2x2560kw


    ZF7650/ S63-3/ CAx2

  • Capacities



     65 P

    Fuel Oil

     20000 L

    Fresh Water

     2200 L

  • Performances


    Max Speed

    31.3 kn


    512 nm

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