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SAR 1497 Waterjets


The boat is mainly used in coastal waters, carrying out marine firefighting, rescue, emergency medical services, and other missions, and providing a platform for divers. It can also carry out fire-fighting and rescue operations simultaneously. The main hull and superstructure are both made of welded aluminum and constructed in accordance with approved codes. The exterior is compact, powerful, practical, with a wide viewing angle.

Key features

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    The boat has a deep-V hull and a hard-chine type, with twin diesel engines and twin water jet propulsions. The deck and cabin areas are highly utilized, and the interior/exterior passageways, upper/lower passageways are convenient for entry. 

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    The complete ventilation and air exchange system, with a reasonable inlet and exhaust layout, effectively reduces the cabin temperature, ensuring normal operation with lower duty costs and increasing service life. The design pays attention to the arrangement and subdivision, laying a good foundation for sound insulation and noise reduction.

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    The large main deck also provides space for searching, rescuing, and treatment operations. It can also be outfitted for other operations. Specifications can be modified in accordance with the operators' preferences and needs.


The boat is arranged with three watertight bulkheads, dividing the boat into four watertight compartments. There is a forepeak, cabin (with bathroom), generator room, and engine room from stem to stern. The wheelhouse is located in the middle of the main deck, which is covered with non-slip decking. The fuel oil tank, fresh water tank, and foam tank are located in the generator room. The fire pump in the generator room connects the fire monitor and foam monitor. The boat provides enough space for present and future modular functional loads to ensure the operator's requirements are met.

1497 (Giant Bee) Research and Rescue Boat (6)v9w


Key Figures

  • Hull


    Length Overall


    Breadth Overall

    4.262 m

    Molded Depth

    2.520 m


    0.852 m

    Hull Type

    Deep V monohull



  • Capacities




    Fuel Oil


  • Propulsion


    Main Engine

    CAT C18 /2x599kW


    ZF500-1A/ HJ403x2

  • Performances


    Max Speed


    Cruise Speed

    30 kn


    208nm(cruise speed)

    Navigation Zone


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