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SAR 1347b Timaran Wave-suppression


The vessel is used in rivers, lakes, and other inland water areas to carry out maritime rescue missions. In particular, it can perform search and rescue operations in foggy weather and other bad weather conditions. It can also temporarily accommodate and transfer rescued persons. The special design effectively reduces wave making and resistance.

Key features

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    The vessel adopts a wave-suppression trimaran design and is powered by twin diesel engines with surface-piercing propellers. The entire vessel has a longitudinal frame and is constructed from all-welded marine aluminum alloy. 

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    Meanwhile, it can also significantly reduce wave erosion of the riverbed during high-speed passage, as well as avoid affecting other ships in the same channel. Incorporating many characteristics of gliders, high-speed catamarans, and hovercrafts, this design has the advantage of a quicker start and lower stall speed. 

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    Because of its shallow draught and smaller sailing angle, this vessel is suitable for narrow, shallow, and busy waterways. Compared with conventional monohull vessels of the same size, this vessel has a larger deck area and cabin capacity, which leaves more space for modification and the addition of other mission equipment.


The main hull is divided into five subdivisions by four watertight bulkheads. From the stem to the stern, there are the forepeak, the crew cabin (with bathroom (P) and galley (S)), a tank (containing the fuel oil tank, fresh water tank, and sewage tank), the engine room, and the aft peak. Located on the main deck is a wheelhouse that is designed for six crew members. A passage in the wheelhouse leads to the crew cabin. The stern is equipped with a platform to facilitate personnel search and rescue.

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Key Figures

  • Hull


    Length Overall

    13.473 m

    Breadth Overall

    3.848 m

    Molded Depth

    1.585 m


    0.459 m

    Hull Type

    Wave-Suppression Trimaran



  • Capacities




    Fuel Oil


  • Propulsion


    Main Engine

    VOLVO D6-370I / 2×272kW


    HS85AE / ASD8x2

  • Performances


    Max Speed




    Navigation Zone


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