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Unmanned Surface Vehicle 750 HSC Stealth



This newly developed unmanned surface vessel is specifically designed for coastal areas, with a diverse range of missions including remote control, patrols, and combat against various maritime criminal activities. The main hull and superstructure are constructed using durable 5083 fully welded aluminum, ensuring structural integrity and long-term performance.

Key features

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    Incorporating Amada's unique composite hull design, it integrates features such as a single deck, high seaworthiness, a variable-angle deep-V hull, arcuate double-step, and high-performance hydrofoils. These innovative characteristics not only improve its pitch, roll, heave, and acceleration performance but also significantly enhance its anti-turbulence capabilities in rough seas, outperforming comparable conventional sliding hulls.

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    Furthermore, the vessel's superstructure boasts a minimal radar cross-section, while the hull sides and superstructure are designed with a slight angle tilt, ensuring exceptional stealth capabilities. The propulsion device is driven by dual diesel engines coupled with coaxial counter-rotating propellers, delivering robust and reliable propulsion. Remarkably, this unmanned surface vessel exhibits impressive overload capacity, meaning that even with additional payloads, its speed remains relatively unaffected. 

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    This vessel is designed to meet the stringent requirement of remaining afloat despite damage to any single compartment, ensuring safety under any load specified in the design. In addition, the whole boat adopts modular design, according to the needs of different tasks, different equipment can be installed on the boat, making it possible to perform anti-terrorism, intelligence reconnaissance and surveillance, mine station, anti-submarine warfare and fire support and other tasks.


This unmanned surface vessel is constructed in a shipyard in southern China, where multiple units have already been built. Each vessel is equipped with different design modules, making them adaptable for various applications and missions across multiple fields of service. 
The feedback received from users has been nothing short of outstanding, reflecting the vessel's superior performance and adaptability across diverse missions and applications.

750(Sea Beaver) Unmanned Stealth Missile Vehicle 02osu
750(Sea Beaver) Unmanned Stealth Missile Vehicle 02osu
750(Sea Beaver) Unmanned Stealth Missile Vehicle 02osu
750(Sea Beaver) Unmanned Stealth Missile Vehicle 02osu
750(Sea Beaver) Unmanned Stealth Missile Vehicle 02osu


Key Figures

  • Hull


    Length Overall

    7.536 m

    Breadth Overall


    Molded Depth




    Hull Type

    Catamaran Planning Boat



  • Propulsion


    Main Engine

    6LPA-STZP2/ 2x232kw



  • Performances


    Max Speed



    221 nm

    Navigation Zone


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